Adventures at Hermitage: Day 3

People from all walks of life are walking up and down the beach with these metal nets, digging up the sand, sifting through it and dumping it back on the beach.

I walk up to one of them.

“What are you looking for?” I ask.

“Shark teeth,” he answers. “They’re here!”

Apparently, shark teeth are a valuable commodity. I see children and adults digging in the sand to find them. Meanwhile, the gulf breezes are whipping up the waves into a lovely froth.

“Okay,” I say. “Thanks.”

I keep walking on the beach. I’m not really sure what to look for, and really, I don’t want to take my eyes off the glory around me.

On my way back from my walk, I pick up an interesting black stone and carry it back to the main Hermitage house. One of the other artists stops me.

“Oh, you found a shark’s tooth!”

“Really?” I say. “It’s not pointy.”

“I know,” she says. “It’s the part closest to the jaw, and it’s been rounded off by the years it’s been in the water and sand.”

Teeth aren't always sharp. Photo credit: Nerissa Street
It’s a shark!
Photo credit: Nerissa Street













Teeth aren’t always sharp.

And when you THINK you know what you’re looking for, you can spend a lot of time and energy digging up the wrong things.

I stumbled across this while enjoying myself. Could what you need be as easy to find as that?


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