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3 Ways to Build Your Team’s Spirit

This wordblog is for Sher Lynn, who asked for me to blog on morale. — Morale can be a complex idea for any group of people working together. By definition, morale is “the degree of confidence and cheerfulness in the face of opposition; the spirit of optimism.” Are the people hopeful? Any leader worth his salt worries…
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The Thing

Real. A wordblog requested by Melissa Dunn — They say at some point, you’ve got to call a thing a thing. The origin of the word “real” is Old Latin re- which meant thing, and alis,  meaning like, similar to. Things that are real are like a “thing.” So let’s go a bit deeper. What’s…
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The Ties that Blind

For David I Muir, photographer extraordinaire, who asked for a word on connection. — The word connection is derived from an Old Latin word meaning “link” or “tie.” In fact, con means “with” in Spanish, and nexus is a word that is related linguistically to it. Connection has, of course, another meaning. Internet! Yes! the…
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Your Origin Story

Wordblog for Cristyle on Authenticity

It’s Really Terrifying– But I Did It

Today, I said no to something that was reeeallly close to the things I want to do in my life. Close. But not quite. I mean, it was a sliver away. But it wasn’t really the thing that I wanted to be identified with and stand for in our world. It was close, but my…
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Get in line

Syzygy: inspiration courtesy Yudelka Tavera. It means an alignment of two or more celestial bodies; poetic union of verses. — An interplanetary alignment is uncommon, but it happens when there is a full or new moon. Tides shift accordingly. The moment your purpose, your talent and your dream for the world lines up, don’t hesitate.…
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Not the Luck of the Irish

Rev. Sherri James asked for a word on “happy”. Happy to oblige! Happy‘s original meaning came from the word hap, which indicated a chance event or opportunity. Happy originally meant lucky. — Since July of last year, I’ve been shopping for a certified used car. Just about every weekend I have found myself at a car…
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Like Water

I burned my favorite baking dish last week. Real ugly: food caked on black and brown. I just wasn’t ready to give it up, though. I sat it in my sink and soaked it in baking soda, soap and water for 3 days. I rinsed it off and there was still plenty residue. I pushed…
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See No Evil

Julian Buggs (It’s been a while, friend!) asked for a blog on the term “iconoclast”. An iconoclast is a person who works to destroy any religious imagery or icons on the grounds that worship of those “idols” cannot substitute for devotion to the real thing. — When was the last time you took a selfie?…
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For You

Forgiveness,  huh,  James Barbour? — The root of the word forgive comes from the practice of cancelling a debt. It actually has an ancient etymology, and only (relatively) recently has been translated into an emotional connotation. Because only recently did we begin believing that people owe us on an spiritual and emotional level. Intangible debts…
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