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The Disease of Freedom

Today’s #wordblog is from the incomparable Rich Ejire who you can find here. His word is “drapetomania”: a term coined by Samuel A. Cartwright during the 19th century to describe the “affliction” experienced by Black slaves that caused them to run away from their masters. —- “Do you want to be free, or do you…
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Let’s Be Frank (or Susan, it doesn’t matter to me)

You are the answer. Not just for yourself. Here on this blog, you’ll find a unique perspective on solving both small and big problems. You’ll also be challenged to look at things in a way that is empowering. You want to make a difference– and you can, but real impact begins with how you think–…
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Tax Deductions for Bloggers

LOVE LOVE LOVE this resource from (Seriously, that’s the site’s URL. She’s a healthy mom blogger. Must be the smell of money!) See the picture below– and get on over to What’s That Smell.


Lumumba Shabazz gave me the word “empowered” to blog on– and in light of recent events, it’s divine that the word came up this week. Here’s some perspective: — “Empowered” is a derived word, developed in the 17th century to describe the legal process of giving someone authority, usually dealing with land, money or other…
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The Benefits of a Concrete Jungle

There is the potential for leadership, power and freedom in everything. To prove that, I asked my network to provide me a few random words to write about. I got forty (40). So, I’ve committed to creating 40 unique and original quotes, blogs or visual stories about the words on your mind. Today’s word (really,…
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Fall Forward: What’s Next for me and you

In 2015, I’ll be blogging a little differently. Still every Tuesday, you’ll get relevant and practical content to help you make a difference with your professional life. Also, you can expect: more topic series (allowing me to delve deeper into a topic and give you more resources) guest blogs and posts from experts in diverse…
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When It’s Not “Okay”

There are times in your life when, no matter your disposition, things are going badly. When no amount of positive thinking or committed action is going to change what’s in front of you. You’re in a great amount of pain, and there is no relief in sight. That pain is the threshold for what Saint…
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My answer to boredom

At some point in your life, you’ll be want to be anywhere but where you are. Maybe it’s at work. You’re on the floor watching your customers, or looking at a computer screen, hoping that the system op isn’t tracking your clicks as you search for the Youtube your friends told you about. Maybe it’s…
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