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31 Days of YES!

A few years ago, I compiled a series of daily writings for a publication called the Daily Inspiration published by the UFBL Press. The response to it was overwhelming. I was constantly asked when I would write more, and unfortunately, I didn’t make the time to follow that calling. I can no longer in good…
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Be Your Own Coach: Dre Baldwin of #WorkonYourGame

I caught up with Dre Baldwin of DreAllDay and Work On Your Game fame, one of the top content creators on mental toughness on YouTube. He is a professional basketball player who turned his successful international career into a brand for young athletes who want to control their careers. As he puts it, even the…
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The Procrastinator’s Guide to Action

              Wednesday, November 4 from 9 PM EST to 9:45 PM EST Sign up here for the free webinar here!

3 Ways to Build Your Team’s Spirit

This wordblog is for Sher Lynn, who asked for me to blog on morale. — Morale can be a complex idea¬†for any group of people working together. By definition, morale is “the degree of confidence and cheerfulness¬†in the face of opposition; the spirit of optimism.” Are the people hopeful? Any leader worth his salt worries…
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It’s Really Terrifying– But I Did It

Today, I said no to something that was reeeallly close to the things I want to do in my life. Close. But not quite. I mean, it was a sliver away. But it wasn’t really the thing that I wanted to be identified with and stand for in our world. It was close, but my…
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We Can All Agree On One Thing

James “New Papa” Barbour said he wanted me to blog on TACOS. He didn’t realize the gift he was giving me. — Tacos are the best food. You can’t argue with me on that. They are universally accepted as awesome pretty much everywhere. They have juicy meat, cool vegetables, a little spice, and some tangy…
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John L. Williams, an itinerant professor and lover of all things Albany, Georia, is to thank for this week’s #wordblog inspiration: “curmudgeon”. — It turns out that most people have a reason to be surly. At the time of this writing, unarmed people are being killed in the street, large numbers of the middle class…
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Tax Deductions for Bloggers

LOVE LOVE LOVE this resource from (Seriously, that’s the site’s URL. She’s a healthy mom blogger. Must be the smell of money!) See the picture below– and get on over to What’s That Smell.

Getting more out of your time

When you drive, are you paying attention to the road? Or are you rehashing whatever happened to you before you got into the car? It’s drive time, right? What’s the difference? Drive time is still moments in your life. When you’re not present for them, their magic eludes you. You don’t get them back. We’ve…
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