It’s the hardest thing for me to be honest when I’m in pain. Pain makes you vulnerable. A feeling of pain is connected very deeply to a sense of powerlessness, because in mist cases, all you can do is surrender.

If you feel the pain is bigger than you, you will resist it– and like any energetic creation, you add to its force. I woke up this morning all kinds of congested and ditzy, because I’m still digesting the Hermitage experience. I immediately went into self-judgment. And, with judgment, comes the need to change things. Honestly, I don’t have the power to heal my own pain. That’s the job of the Universe.

When you remember that, despite its weight, its grasp of your spirit, pain is not bigger than your divinity, you will be able to let it pass through you. Judgment only binds it to you, because in judging something, you name and claim it.

Be a water hose. Let powerful things flow through you, but don’t stop them. Even pain passes.

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