Create Resolutions and Vision Boards That Work For You

Why is it when you make your new year’s resolutions, they don’t stick?

Why do the visions on your vision board manifest sporadically, if at all?

I found myself faced with the same questions after unearthing a vision board I had created when I first began goal-setting.

As I sat looking at the board with a lot of great ideas and dreams that I deserved to have come true, I was also very close to the same place I had started from.

A few great things had happened to me, but the real important stuff? The things that kept me up at night? Those things still felt very far away. And I’m no slouch. I was grinding daily, going to workshops and seminars, reading the latest business books and tuned in to the podcasts that gave me all the tips and guidance to move forward.

And I was doing it. But only making inch-by-inch progress.

That was last year and I was tired.

Then something came to me. I’m someone who works most of my time to improve my community and help others. Why is it a struggle for me to live my dreams? Why am I completely burned out, and why does my extended family only see me once in a while? Haven’t I been enough of a benefit to the world that I deserve to have my dreams come true?

Why isn’t this working for me like it works for others?

I began to look deeper into my spiritual practices. Maybe I needed to meditate more.

Tried it. I definitely felt more centered. But made no movement on the important stuff.

Maybe I should study more about the great leaders and innovators and their practices. Tried that too.

I gained a ton of knowledge and a few things to streamline my business. But I still made no major movement on the things that were vitally important to me.

And then one day, after a particularly hard drive home from a networking event, I was struck by something. I was doing this all wrong.

I did some personal research, and within the week, things shifted exponentially. That one insight led me to the most amazing experiences I’ve had this year. AND IT’S NOT JUST ME. It has made life easier for those around me, because I’m finally happier.

This one insight has set me free.

This webinar I will explain how I now effortlessly achieve the goals I put my mind to with this one vital change, and why it turned my resolutions into results. The best part is you’ll see results even before the new year begins!

Because I want to get this key information out in time for the new year, I’m hosting this online webinar that you can access from the comfort of your home. I’m only allowing 50 people to register, because this is the first time I’m sharing this insight widely, and I want to make sure I can serve everyone equally.

Those who register will get free access to three (3) recordings meant to inspire and guide you through one amazing year.

In this exclusive webinar training, you find out:

  • The one crazy thing you never realized was stopping you from moving ahead with the resolutions when you make them
  • Why failing at resolutions and having unfulfilled visions in the past makes you the PERFECT person for this insight
  • How you can use everything in your life right now to help make those resolutions a reality

Again, there are only 50 webinar seats available. Once the seats are gone, registration will close.

Register by clicking here.

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