Self Care For Leaders is a movement for leaders and high profile professionals to care for themselves so their followers remain nourished. Nerissa Street began the movement when her mentor died alone after a long illness that she tried to hide.

Her mentor’s death dissuaded Nerissa from pursuing her own life’s calling, because she thought she would have to face the same physical turmoil in order to lead. Her soul likes fresh fruits and passionate kisses, walks in nature and luxurious spa days.

But you can’t ignore what you’re meant to be for very long.

When she could no longer stand hiding, Nerissa began to study leaders who seemed healthy, happy and nourished by their work. She discovered that they had 6 practices in common. She now facilitates a monthly online discussion with leaders who embody each of the 6 practices. You can find it last Tuesday of the month on at 8:30 PM EST/EDT.

One of those practices, Vision, is more fully explored in the book Nerissa has written: 31 Days of Yes, and Nerissa encourages leaders to build support systems that help them sustain their mission and message on her page.

If you’d like to be part of the national discussion on how we can lead with authenticity, reach out to Nerissa at or find her online:

Twitter: @nerissastreet



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