Self Care Resources

Self Care For Leaders is a movement for leaders and high profile professionals to care for themselves so their followers remain nourished. Nerissa Street began the movement when her mentor died alone after a long illness that she wouldn’t acknowledge.

The mentor’s death dissuaded Nerissa from pursuing her own life’s calling, because she thought she would have to face the same physical turmoil in order to lead. Nerissa’s soul likes fresh fruits and passionate kisses, walks in nature and luxurious spa days.

That never looked like leadership. You can’t ignore what you’re meant to be for very long.

Use these resources that Street has developed to care for your well-being as a teacher and leader:

  • An accountability group for women who both speak on large platforms and write: find out more here
  • An anthology of self-care practices for teacher-leaders: submit your question or your lesson here
  • A monthly chat on Self Care for Leaders:
    •  Nerissa began to study leaders who seemed healthy, happy and nourished by their work. She discovered that they had 6 practices in common. Join the monthly online discussion with leaders who embody each of the 6 practices. You can find it last Tuesday of the month at 8:30 PM EST/EDT.
  • A book helping establish the daily practice of self-affirmation: 31 Days of Yes.
  • A national discussion on Self Care for Teachers was facilitated at South by Southwest EDU in March 2019. Check it out here

If you’d like to be a part of the national discussion on how we can teach and lead with authenticity, reach out to Nerissa at Book her to work with your emerging teachers and leaders. Follow her online:

Twitter: @nerissastreet

Instagram: @nerissastreet