Photo credit: Nerissa Street

What: The Sacred Here (and the Miraculous Now) is a once-in-a-lifetime sensory and spiritual experience that will uplift and inspire you.

Through visual art, spoken word, video and site-specific performance, The Sacred Here is a playful, yet powerful experience of sacred beauty and connection.“The Sacred Here” is the moment where your belief becomes your experience.
Why: To bring together a community of professionals dedicated to celebrating personal power, beauty, love, prosperity and peace
Imagine a safe space where professionals  dedicated to making an impact can acknowledge and appreciate their connection to the beauty of community.
All of us who are professionals know the best decisions for greater good are made when you are connected to the highest and best of yourself. What brings us together is the experience of the divine. So let’s celebrate that.
When: Saturday, May 30 from 7 PM to 10 PM
The Sacred Here (and the Miraculous Now)
1310 Gallery
Using art, music and film, the theme Sacred Here and Miraculous Now is about finding the unnoticed brilliance and beauty right under our noses. Our goal is to give our audience a very high level experience, so be prepared to see work that opens up people’s hearts and minds. What’s sacred to you?
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