Faith in the Real World

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Faith in the Real World

fingers crossed

If you’re familiar with any spiritual teaching at all, you’ve heard of faith. It’s the substance of religion and spirituality.

fingers crossed

Have a little faith (and cross your fingers)!

Why do people who live in the midst of a material and physical world spend time, energy and money in the pursuit of the intangible, and many times, transitory? They have faith.

What is faith? It’s defined as belief in something without evidence or proof. Its word origin is more closely linked to the word “trust”.

Is that really true for you?

Do you really trust whatever god it is that you serve?

Many Christian songs talk about God’s deliverance, saying it’s been there before. But that’s based on past evidence. Who’s to say a new time, with different conditions, will produce the same results?

If your faith is only based on past experience, then at your core, you will have this question too. Past experience is not a true indication of present performance. Even in your own life, you know that the things you’ve done in the past may change now. Scientists don’t consider anything they’ve done a discovery until they can replicate it several times.

Faith based on past experience will be shaky. You know that’s the kind of faith you have if, throughout your entire journey, you have a roller coaster ride of emotions.

If you pray (or vision or plan) and while acting towards your goal, you are worried and fretting and frustrated, that’s not faith.

That’s force.

Faith is easy. It’s connected to an inner position of confidence. Faith in the real world isn’t just based on the intangible. It’s based on inner knowing.

It’s not just trust in God. It’s trust in yourself. If you’re not there yet, keep up the spiritual practice, and get to know yourself better.


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  1. Cordelia says:

    This is my first-time i check out here. I discovered a multitude of ennnrtaieitg stuff as part of your blog, specially its discourse. From the tons of comments on the posts, I guess I am not the only 1 having most of the enjoyment the following! Maintain in the outstanding job.

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  3. Hey there lady! I’m linking to you in my latest blog post on prayer. You’ve got some good stuff here that I want to share with my readers.

  4. beyondluck says:

    Ha! I know, right?
    To God be the glory, because these kind of messages are my walk. People still talk to me about my Judas sermon from two years ago.
    The bottom line is: We have to be both gentle to ourselves and honest at the same time.

  5. Girl, it took me a minute to respond to this blog post because it a “punch in the gut!” Doggone it if I haven’t been worrying through this experience of launching my online business instead of resting in that inner assurance! I think I was simultaneously mad at you and happy for you – all at the same time. You hit on some thing that I think are critical. Specifically, faith is easy. It’s not a straining kind of thing. And, if there’s strain, that’s not faith. Mercy! Spirit take the wheel!

  6. beyondluck says:

    Thanks, Gaylon: I’d like to encourage everyone to take the faith off the page and into practice.

  7. Gaylon says:

    Good article. I would say yes and past successes with demonstration can help a person learn how to have the blind faith (trust) that leads to understanding Faith (knowledge of divine principles).

    Faith is seeing. Faith is knowing. Faith is saying yes to good.

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