Getting more out of your time

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Getting more out of your time



When you drive, are you paying attention to the road?

Or are you rehashing whatever happened to you before you got into the car?

It’s drive time, right? What’s the difference?

Drive time is still moments in your life.

When you’re not present for them, their magic eludes you. You don’t get them back.

We’ve been given only a few years on this planet. As we “mature”, we want to maximize our time here by multi-tasking. Especially when you don’t like the moment in front of you (think: drive time in traffic, washing dishes, writing reports for work). When you’re feeling discomfort, boredom or pain, you plan for your next move instead of really being present for the moment in front of you.

It was January a little while ago, then all of a sudden, it’s October.

Where did all that time go?

It went the same place it always goes.

The question is: where did you go?