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31 Days of Yes! is a 3-minute-a-day practical guide that leads you through a month of soul-based self care. The book will transform both your mind and your heart, one day at a time, with simple – yet powerful – readings. It challenges you to say yes to your WHOLE life: the good, the bad, and the yet to come. It also provides uncommon insight into barriers you couldn’t see before, and reveals the unexpected joy that you’ve always deserved. Get your copy by clicking here.

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Only Smart People Procrastinate Workshop

Find tools to keep you going when your goals are in plain sight, but the motivation isn’t. There’s a very valid reason that you can’t start, and “fear” is actually just the tip of the iceberg. Register here!

What You Want to Teach Isn’t What Your Student Needs to Learn

This quick-and-dirty how-to workshop fixes the problem of an unmotivated audience. If you feel as if you can’t keep your audience engaged, or you feel you’ve been speaking to the wrong audience, this may be the most useful two hours of your year. This isn’t just for people who teach online– but for anyone who now has to use an online platform to serve those who matter the most. Register here!

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