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Be A Spider (4 Wise Moves for Entrepreneurs)

Even though I’m a writer and creative consultant, I’m a scientist at heart. Most of my work comes from the revelations I have while studying nature and physics. On a walk the other day, I saw a huge banana spider suspended between a tree and a building. There was evidence in its web that it…
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The Surprising Reason You’re Sick

Recently, I’ve been sick. Being both an entrepreneur and a teacher, illness is no joke. In my spiritual practice, it’s even more serious. Our bodies’ natural tendency is toward health and growth. You see that in nature. Grass, plants and trees have to be cut to maintain a certain look, and even then, they must…
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The Quick and Dirty Version

Who are you? If it takes you a bit to answer that, you’ve got some work to do. This isn’t just about cause marketing and grant writing. It’s about clarity of purpose and action. When you’re confused, you add things to yourself to hide, to appear different or bigger. Drop into your gut, speak who…
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