How do we reframe burnout?

What if burning out means that your soul is on fire for something new?

After working as a high school teacher in the “new normal” and feeling burnt out, Nerissa Street was hungry for a more sustainable way to do the work she loved while healing. She was introduced to the work of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM) by Niki Lopez, and was able to renew her well-being in a matter of months. Nerissa was then encouraged to pursue CMBM training by Thaddeus Gamory of Diversity in Aquatics.  

Idelma Quintana knew that it was essential to the continuation and expansion of her 30 years in public service that she develop new pathways to a balanced life. Idelma sought ways to connect individual health to the health of our communities and received support from the Children’s Services Council of Broward to make that connection.

Nerissa and Idelma are working with the world-renowned Center for Mind-Body Medicine to become certified facilitators of scientifically backed, data-based approaches to trauma-informed, culturally-sensitive mental and spiritual health practices. The CMBM offers free introductory workshops to the public so that people can sample the practices. From the workshops, you can sign up for “skills groups” which are safe places to practice the skills without judgment. These are NOT classes, but opportunities for you to try out and experience the benefits of the skills you will gain. The skills groups are small, and confidentiality is expected.

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, or “CMBM“, was founded in 1991 by James S. Gordon, MD. It has since supported the trauma healing work across the globe in some of the most horrific of circumstances. CMBM’s mission is to train thousands to heal millions.

Nerissa Street is a multiple award-winning educator, tech founder, and media producer certified in business education. Idelma Quintana is an educator, diversity and inclusion specialist, community organizer, and most recently serves as Chief of Staff for Broward County Commissioner Beam Furr. Serendipity brought Nerissa and Idelma together to do this work. At the same time that Nerissa was being encouraged to become certified as a CMBM facilitator, Idelma was applying to the Children’s Services Council to become a certified CMBM facilitator under their sponsorship. Then, Nerissa introduced Idelma to the A Mindful Broward / Diversity in Aquatics community of practice. The magic of this community continually nourishes Nerissa and Idelma’s work.

They are now working with phenomenal co-facilitators and local organizations to grow this healing work in South Florida. 

Upcoming Free Workshops and Skills Groups for Winter 2021 – 2022

In-person only: Sunday, December 5 at 9 AM – Location: Von D. Mizell State Park in Dania Beach, Florida with A Mindful Broward and Diversity in Aquatics <Register here>

Online: Sunday, December 19 at 3 PM ET <Register here>

Online special event: “Lighting the Fire of the New You” on Saturday, January 8, 2022 from 7 PM to 8:30 PM <register here

Once you’ve experienced the workshops, we welcome you to register for the following free 8-Week Skills Group:

Online Sundays, January 23 – March 13, from 2 PM – 4 PM  <register here>