Helping Professionals To Use Story to Transform Communities

What’s your Unseen Edge?

There is something that you bring to the table– some solution needed in the market, some perspective only you provide.

It’s the doorway to the next level of your life.

For over a decade, I’ve been studying and experimenting with what I call “Soul Hacks,” practices that access the untapped potential in all of us.

I’ve used these practices to unleash the best in the colleagues, clients, and companies who trust the insight I know is my spiritual gift.

I serve social entrepreneurs, small businesses and nonprofits who are in business to make a difference.

Let me provide you with entrepreneurial and organizational strategies in:

  • brand storytelling
  • client experience management
  • community engagement
  • niche identity (what makes you valuable in the marketplace)
  • full product/service development
  • grant writing (I follow the standards set by the Association of Fundraising Professionals)

I am also a passionate speaker, able to deliver a concise but scalpel-sharp message to catalyze your audience. speaking-ted1-340182600_std2.jpg

Schedule a consultation to find out how I can serve you. Ask for a list of past clients and partners.

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