Building Black Utopias: Transforming Redlines into Green Spaces

We’re gathering stories of joy, hope and prosperity in historically redlined neighborhoods. Want to get involved? Click here

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Call to residents: We want to hear your story!

Do you live in one of our beautiful neighborhoods? 

Answer any of the following questions with a video selfie: 

What’s the best part of the neighborhood you live in?

What experiences have you had there?

What are you grateful for living there?

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you within 5 miles of your home?

Which local business is your favorite?

Upload your answer on social media with the hashtag #juneteenthforjoy, and tag @juneteenthforjoy and email the link to us directly at 

Oral storytelling is key to Black resilience. It is also the most powerful expression of our joy.

This project is made possible with support from the Broward County Cultural Division.

Support has been provided by the following Funds at the Community Foundation of Broward:
Helen and Frank Stoykov Charitable Endowment Fund, Louise and Rudi Dill Charitable Fund, and the Mary and Alex Mackenzie Community Impact Fund.

We’re grateful to Happy Homes Florida Real Estate, for their seed investment in this project.