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We Can All Agree On One Thing

James “New Papa” Barbour said he wanted me to blog on TACOS. He didn’t realize the gift he was giving me. — Tacos are the best food. You can’t argue with me on that. They are universally accepted as awesome pretty much everywhere. They have juicy meat, cool vegetables, a little spice, and some tangy…
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Feel With


Let It Be

This blog was requested by Rev. Gaylon McDowell, based on the word: Beatitude. — Are you pursuing freedom?  Love? Peace? Doing all you can to be happy? The word Beatitude comes from the Latin term meaning happiness. It is a state of joy. The term was made famous through the Bible editor’s description of Jesus’…
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The Disease of Freedom

Today’s #wordblog is from the incomparable Rich Ejire who you can find here. His word is “drapetomania”: a term coined by Samuel A. Cartwright during the 19th century to describe the “affliction” experienced by Black slaves that caused them to run away from their masters. —- “Do you want to be free, or do you…
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The Inner War

This #wordblog is inspired by Facebook friend Sandra Deal who asked me to blog on “War Veteran”. — — This has been one of the most terrible weeks of my professional life. One of my former students and his little brother were victims of a hit and run. They were walking home from a game…
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Is Fishing Really That Deep?

Kathleen O’Bryant of Mahogany Youth Corporation is to thank for this week’s #wordblog. She is a tireless advocate for youth with her husband Robert O’Bryant. — When I looked up the etymology of the word fish, I was startled to find a website completed devoted to the etymology of species of fish, that there are…
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The Benefits of a Concrete Jungle

There is the potential for leadership, power and freedom in everything. To prove that, I asked my network to provide me a few random words to write about. I got forty (40). So, I’ve committed to creating 40 unique and original quotes, blogs or visual stories about the words on your mind. Today’s word (really,…
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Push Thumb Switch Pocket Flashlight On White Background

The Flashlight

A lot of us have discovered a brand new way of being. We feel freer and lighter. Our lives work more smoothly. Things seem to just happen, when before, we had to work hard. And we just won’t shut up about it. “OMG! You’ve got to read this great book by Deepak! And did you…
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Be still and (not) know

I’ve stumbled into meditation. Ahem. Actually, I was prompted to do meditation about 2 years ago, and found EVERY excuse not to take it on as a consistent practice. But then the other day, I felt a physical discomfort and spiritual discontent that was unfamiliar to me. I went on a nature walk. I listened…
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