31 Days of YES!

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31 Days of YES!

A few years ago, I compiled a series of daily writings for a publication called the Daily Inspiration published by the UFBL Press.

The response to it was overwhelming. I was constantly asked when I would write more, and unfortunately, I didn’t make the time to follow that calling.

I can no longer in good conscience keep this blessing from people who need it.

31 Days of YES! will challenge you to look at your world with a fresh set of eyes. Part of the reason we don’t go as far as we envision is that we are still telling ourselves the same story about what’s possible. The text connects you to some inspirational resources like the Bible, the Bhagavada Vita, and Rumi, and some very personal experience in an effort to remind you that your fullest joy is an ancient truth.

Designed to be started at any time during the year, each day of reading deepens your connection to something greater than yourself. That deepening connection will empower your life in ways it hasn’t been before.

That’s it. No complex exercises, or extra work. Just show up for yourself every day for 4 minutes.

The power in this writing comes from a spiritual Law that was revealed to me, and that I share with you in this book. It’s never been published before this writing, and you’ll get to read about it first.

Order it here.

31 Days of Yes! by Nerissa Street

Special thanks to the following for inspiration and guidance:

My family

My spiritual community

My fellow conscious entrepreneurs

My fellow filmmakers

The teens of Girls Call The Shots 



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