If You’re Here, You’re Nearly There

If You’re Here, You’re Nearly There

I teach a class called Your Hidden Potential.

How do you know you're on the way?

You’re on the right track.
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In it, I train professionals in very diverse career fields to use the true power available to them no matter what position they have– and no matter where they are financially or socially.

I use lots of analogies but my favorites revolve around storytelling.

If you understand your life’s story on a larger scale, the possibilities that open to you are tremendous. But most of us are only seeing what’s immediately in front of us.

I used to be that way — especially when it came to morning traffic.

Every morning, at a certain point in my route, there is a major bottleneck and traffic slows to a crawl. I hate traffic of any kind. In my next life, I’m going to be a Nascar driver so I can have an excuse to speed on an open road. But I digress…

The bottleneck happens every morning. There’s nothing to be done about it. At first, I used to get anxious that I’d get to work late. EVERY DAY. But soon, I figured out how to schedule my morning… and I’d be on time. Right after the bottleneck subsides, it’s nine minutes before I get to work.

We want the bottleneck to disappear. But it’s a landmark on the road to work. If I get there, it mean’s I’m nearly there.

So it is with our own lives.

You’ll encounter obstacles on the way to your fantastic life. How you meet them determines where you go and how fast you get there. The obstacles build your strength. They test your character. Sometimes, they even tell you who to let go of on the way to your brilliance.

Every hero must test her mettle before moving towards the prize– and the great news is– if you’re being tested, your prize is around the corner.

If you’re here, you’re nearly there.

What do you think?

Ever confronted a challenge and later realized it was just what you needed to get you to the next level? Comment below or hit the Facebook page and check in.


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