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How to Become a Leader No Matter Your Position

I’ve been on the board of 3 major community based nonprofits, and I’ve been called to help launch or consult with over two dozen more, including our local County Commission. At the forefront of every worthy cause is a gamechanger. Most gamechangers don’t have a position of power. But within them, there is a sense…
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3 smart insights to lessen next year’s holiday hangover

I have a humongous Christmas tree in my house this year. It makes me giggle when I look at it every morning, but it also made me wonder if there were other motivations to my getting a big Christmas tree.  As a nation, we overdo it every holiday. Why? 1.        We’re not supposed to give…
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The Empty Bottle

An Empty Shampoo Bottle

I was in the shower the other day. Well, I take a shower EVERY day, but on this particular day, my favorite hair product was almost finished. I felt a bit disappointed, and squirted only a little bit out. Now I’ve got a lot of hair, and that little dime-sized portion they talk about just…
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