Fall Forward: What’s Next for me and you

Helping Professionals To Use Story to Transform Communities

Fall Forward: What’s Next for me and you

In 2015, I’ll be blogging a little differently.

Fall forward! Source: http://bigbackground.com/fall/fall-leaves-wallpapers-for-desktop.html

Fall forward!
Source: http://bigbackground.com/fall/fall-leaves-wallpapers-for-desktop.html

Still every Tuesday, you’ll get relevant and practical content to help you make a difference with your professional life.

Also, you can expect:

  • more topic series (allowing me to delve deeper into a topic and give you more resources)
  • guest blogs and posts from experts in diverse fields
  • video and audio blogs documenting events and taking you behind the scenes

This blog is about bringing a sense of integrity to you, as a professional who wants to make a difference with his or her life– and who acknowledges that this is a higher power helping you do it.

Periodically, I’ll just tell you a story.

Actually, I’ll tell you stories all the time.

That’s who I am. I am the Word Come to Life.

Here’s what that means.

I love God. I love people. All kinds– which goes past tolerance into acceptance. I’m not forcing my beliefs on anyone. But what drives me is my connection to the big and vast Spirit of love and power, and I want to honor it by making the world a place of love, joy and fulfillment.

For you, that means:

  • the content will be richer.
  • the blogs will be a bit deeper.
  • the blog will have links to resources and tools that I fully endorse without hesitation.

It also means that no matter where you are, you can plan to join me in May 2015 for a very special event.

Here are some upcoming series topics:

  • The Answer To: (ongoing series of practical tips)
  • Breakthroughs for Social Entrepreneurs
  • The Good Girl Syndrome
  • The Power of Your Word (Using Your Story to Transform Your Life)

Are you living in integrity with the deepest parts of your heart? How can we help you #beyourownanswer?

Let us know in the comments below.