It’s Really Terrifying– But I Did It

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It’s Really Terrifying– But I Did It

Today, I said no to something that was reeeallly close to the things I want to do in my life.

Peng Shuai says soooo close. Source: (Copyright is theirs)

Peng Shuai says soooo close.
Source: (Copyright is theirs)

Close. But not quite. I mean, it was a sliver away.
But it wasn’t really the thing that I wanted to be identified with and stand for in our world.

It was close, but my enthusiasm for it was really about how close it was to the thing I want to do.

The right people were there. I have tremendous amounts of expertise in the field. I would have walked in like a rock star and owned the room.

But I just couldn’t get myself to go to the event. It made logical sense. But not soul sense.

Start listening to what really makes you excited. Your breathing will be constricted if you’re working in fear. And if you’ve been working on your practices like stillness and meditation, the disquiet will let you know you’re off-track.

We have this precious resource. Time. Our opportunities are now. Yet we step over them and let ourselves be distracted by the thing that makes the most amount of sense.

Stop that. Lead with your heart.

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