Like Water

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Like Water

Be still and flow. Source: Photo credit: fir0002 |

Be still and flow.
Source: Photo credit: fir0002 |

I burned my favorite baking dish last week. Real ugly: food caked on black and brown.
I just wasn’t ready to give it up, though. I sat it in my sink and soaked it in baking soda, soap and water for 3 days. I rinsed it off and there was still plenty residue. I pushed a brush across it, and still some remained.

I sat it back in the sink to soak in water.

Today I lifted it from the sink. I took a soapy sponge and what didn’t slip off with the draining was wiped away with the soft suds. No scrubbing necessary.

That’s how it’s supposed to be. Any errors effortlessly fade with the gentle, persistent holding of truth. No fighting is needed. Unless, of course, you want it in your time.

I could have had a clean dish a week ago, if I used a caustic cleanser, gloves and an abrasive. But that would have exposed me to all of the side effects of force: chemicals in my lungs and overexertion.

I decided to wait and let water do what it does best: erode dirt. It sits and drowns out air and wears down any material simply by being. Its essence produces pressure. Its stillness belies its power.

Are you like water?