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Why the Right People Don’t Care: Part 2

Last week, I posted 3 of the 6 great reasons the right people don’t care about your cause. If you missed them, read more here. Today, I share the other 3, and one crucial thing everyone misses when looking for a sponsoring partner. Who are the right people? They are people with a) connections you…
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Why the Right People Don’t Care About Your Cause

I write compelling stories. They turn into grants.  Speeches. Marketing and collateral for interesting people. Branding for causes. Invariably, everyone who comes to me has the same problem: Great idea or cause… and no one cares. They approach a partner or funder and get denied. They put things out in social media and have no…
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From Dream to Determination: 3 Uncommon Questions to Move You Forward

They say pursuing your dreams is difficult. I’m not disagreeing, but I don’t find it’s difficult in the way that you expect. “Be prepared for struggle,” they say. “Things will get rough, and you’ll have to make adjustments. Nothing worth having comes easy.” In the beginning, that may be true. You question your motives for…
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Chasing planes: Why Your Dream Hasn’t Gotten Off the Ground

I pass an airport on a regular basis. I love watching the planes take off. My mother traveled constantly when I was growing up (many times taking me with her), and there was always a sense of adventure and possibility when we went to the airport. I got my first passport at 5, and when…
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