A New Series: Be Your Own [Fill in the Blank]

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A New Series: Be Your Own [Fill in the Blank]

I was accepted as one of the fellows for the Founders Institute. It means that I’m getting invaluable mentorship from some badass business pioneers who have launched, helmed, and sold multi-million dollar businesses and then launched something else.

One of the tremendous benefits I get from it (outside of getting my creative genius butt kicked every Tuesday in our Bootcamp) is researching and codifying insights from other creative genii.

Get ready. For the next few months, I’ll be posting uncommon insights including research and data from this program. You get to peek in on my progress, and get the first looks at the service that I will provide to change the world.

Here are two to get you started.

“Money is a commodity. Show me how to improve.” Gustavo Fernandez

“You’ve already waited too long. Get it out there. Suck at it, and listen to the feedback. Then get it out there again.” Carlos Icaza

How do you Be Your Own Answer? You’ll see.


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  1. I cannot wait to see what you learned. I know it will be some invaluable information.

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