Let’s Be Frank (or Susan, it doesn’t matter to me)

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Let’s Be Frank (or Susan, it doesn’t matter to me)

You are the answer. Not just for yourself. Here on this blog, you’ll find a unique perspective on solving both small and big problems. You’ll also be challenged to look at things in a way that is empowering. You want to make a difference– and you can, but real impact begins with how you think– not just what you do.

Today’s #wordblog inspiration comes from Reagan “Mr. Rigz” Mendoza. Here’s my take on honesty.

Source: http://nightshade130.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/integrity2.jpg

Source: http://nightshade130.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/integrity2.jpg

Recently, there’s been a movement for integrity and honesty in business. It’s called transparency, and it’s a move to show all the facets of business so that consumers can understand what they’re actually supporting with their dollars. There is a cadre of executives who don’t feel that’s entirely necessary.

They point to situations like Paula Deen’s snafu. They think that their consumers can’t handle all the inner workings of the industry they support.

Here’s the thing: Paula’s supporters are even more devoted now. A member of the cast of Duck Dynasty fired off a series of racial and anti-gay slurs and it peaked the show’s popularity, catapulting the cast into bigger things (supported by their devoted fans).

Honesty’s origin was a word meaning “honor given from others; reputation”.

This is key.

What can people expect when they interact with you? If you are consistent in who you are, they trust you. In business, they call a consistent experience a “brand”. In life, it’s character.

In both instances, it’s a stand for honesty.

Why not speak your mind while you’re in business?

Maybe because we refuse to be honest in our personal lives. There is a face that we show the world. We do it to get what we want. They train us early that speaking your full mind is for rebels, and showing your emotions is for children. Yet children and rebels are the closest to the full splendor of the universe.

Then, you’ll have to be honest with yourself. You can’t say yes to every sparkly thing. You have to distance yourself from people who drain you, and you’ll have to admit you don’t know everything.What if you get what you deserve by being honest?

That’s really what honesty is about. Creating the world you deserve– by honoring yourself.

Our world is changing from being market-based to being motive-based. You’ll find that the work you do won’t have the results you want if you don’t have the right intentions, no matter how ripe the market.

Mr. Rigz on the job at Audacity Recording.

Mr. Rigz on the job at Audacity Recording.

Check out Rigz. He’s honestly devoted to his craft, and the people he works with “honor” him by singing his praises. I think his boss has a great ear for talent.

Today, give yourself a challenge. Once you finish reading this blog, for one day, be completely honest about what you need, about what you don’t want, and where you want to go.

Check in with your resistance– are you afraid of what others will think of you? Are you afraid of what you’ll lose? Honesty is a challenge to your relationships, but the truth is far more sustainable than the facade. And it doesn’t come with any insecurity.

Honesty is a bit different in truth, in that truth is your essence and your being, and honesty is the behavior that expresses that truth to the world.

Check out this video of Mr. Rigz– The Genuine Article

What can you honestly commit to being in your professional life? What do you need to stop lying about? Tell me about it below.