My answer to boredom

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My answer to boredom

Go ahead: yawn. Photo credit:

Go ahead: yawn.
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At some point in your life, you’ll be want to be anywhere but where you are.

Maybe it’s at work. You’re on the floor watching your customers, or looking at a computer screen, hoping that the system op isn’t tracking your clicks as you search for the Youtube your friends told you about.

Maybe it’s at home. You’re really doing everything you can NOT to look at the pile of laundry but then that will mean you’d have to tackle the pile of dishes in the sink.

Or even worse, maybe it’s when you’re with someone else…

At those times, the best you can think to do is go somewhere else (or find someONE else). You even fantasize about exactly how you’ll do it.

Waving that lottery ticket in their faces as you fling those reports in the air. Snapping your fingers and magically whisking household chores away… Like This

And if only this guy would return your calls….

Thank God none of that actually happens, because then you’d miss the opportunity to show how powerful you are.

Right in the moment of your deepest ennui is your greatest power for transformation. It’s hard to find the motivation to change when things are going reasonably well. You may have the energy but lack the passion. It’s even harder to change things effectively when you are angry or deeply wounded. You have the motivation, but your energy is fractured with emotion.

But when you’re bored, you have the desire for things to be different, AND you have the right energy to change things efficiently. It’s a tremendous opportunity! Don’t take out your phone and scroll through Vine.

There are two things you need to efficiently shift things when you’re feeling that bored, unsatisfied feeling.

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