My Answer to Sadness: Part 2

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My Answer to Sadness: Part 2

How do you breakthrough depression and chronic sadness? Retell your story.

How do you breakthrough depression and chronic sadness? Retell your story.

Depression is when anger at your current situation becomes guilt and powerlessness. Even though I’ve proposed an innovative and effective approach to depression, there’s a very straightforward way to crack open deep levels of sadness.

Tell your story so that you win. Think about the story of the man and his injured son (here).

This is a most powerful way to shift your emotional state. This is not about living in fantasy. This is about giving yourself enough inner strength to face whatever is in front of you. It’s also about acknowledging that things are always changing, and what seems like a mountain one day is actually what saves you from a flood on another day. Your imagination is the most powerful resource that you have.

When you use it incorrectly, the resulting mental state drains you of all the energy you would need to change your situation. No wonder you’re sad.

Your story isn’t over until you take your last breath. If you want to live the rest of your life the way it is now, that’s fine. But if somewhere in your heart, you desire things to be different, you owe it to yourself to be your own advocate.

Vision is the key.

You are an essential part of something bigger.


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