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Be Your Own Ambassador

We caught up to Rachelle Salnave, director of La Belle Vie: The Good Life, between multinational trips and film festival screenings, to discuss the vision behind her filmmaking. — When Rachelle Salnave lived in Harlem with her family, she had a hard time convincing other Haitians that she was one of their sistren. Haitian had a certain…
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The body

Why We Don’t Heal

Healing is physical, but it’s also emotional and spiritual. This is an excerpt from an upcoming work I’m writing. I’m especially grateful to the folks at Hermitage Artist Retreat for giving me uninterrupted time to write. Your questions and comments are appreciated. — The most pervasive block to healing is guilt. A secondary block is…
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3 Questions That Will End the “Plateau”

This post is inspired by the word “transpersonal”, suggested by the Rev. Gaylon McDowell of Christ Universal Temple. — Transpersonal is a term coined by psychologists who wanted to acknowledge the spiritual and ethereal phenomena outside of the normal experience of humankind that affect the evolution of the consciousness of humanity. Trans means “beyond”. There’s…
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