Why We Don’t Heal

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Why We Don’t Heal

The body
The body

Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:The_Emirr

Healing is physical, but it’s also emotional and spiritual. This is an excerpt from an upcoming work I’m writing. I’m especially grateful to the folks at Hermitage Artist Retreat for giving me uninterrupted time to write. Your questions and comments are appreciated.

The most pervasive block to healing is guilt. A secondary block is attachment to how your life has been organized around your diseased identity. That identity comes from who you now think you are because you aren’t healed. Your diseased identity is validated by your guilt.

A third block to healing is your need for control, which shows up two ways. Either you have a a need to be strong or always right, or you need to be wrong. This is specific to your relationship with others.

Who are you, whole, prosperous and loved?

Do you care for yourself? Are you connected to your own capacity to love and release yourself to the highest and best– without needing outer approval? Do you value yourself enough to let the divine spirit in you nurture you?


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