We Can All Agree On One Thing

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We Can All Agree On One Thing

James “New Papa” Barbour said he wanted me to blog on TACOS. He didn’t realize the gift he was giving me.

Food for all.  Source: hipmamasplace.com

Food for all.
Source: hipmamasplace.com

Tacos are the best food.

You can’t argue with me on that.

They are universally accepted as awesome pretty much everywhere.

They have juicy meat, cool vegetables, a little spice, and some tangy sour cream. They’re portable– no fork needed. AND THEY ARE CRUNCHY! (What what!)

The word “taco” is actually a Spanish word meaning “plug”.

Here’s what’s insightful about that:

there are things that we hold very near to our hearts. They satisfy us in a way that nothing else can. We become convinced that everyone carries the same value for it that we do.

What if they don’t?

If we allow that difference of opinion to stand between us and a relationship, it blocks us from the experience of true joy and well-being.

Not everyone loves a good taco as much as I do. I’m not letting that error in judgment “plug” up my joy in being with people I care about.

Is there something that you hold dear that is fracturing an otherwise good relationship? In business? In life? If it’s not a dealbreaker, let it go. Here’s how.

1. Honor the things you do have in common with your taco blasphemer.

Praising a taco in front of someone who doesn’t enjoy its crunchy goodness just leaves a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. Trying to convert people who don’t like tacos is an act of self-sabotage. It’s a waste of time and energy– and it detracts from everyone’s joy. Don’t put the people you care about through your taco frenzy if they aren’t going to whip up fresh guacamole with you.

If you and your colleagues like sushi, suggest that the next time you go out. Why do things that will pick a fight? Do you want connection or conflict? What “taco” is causing your relationships undue stress?

2. Find a taco buddy.

There is an abundance of people who like tacos. Really, we’re on the right side of history.  Go to Yelp. Hit up Twitter. Have a taco party on Facebook.

Be open to new ways to experience what you love without fear of jeopardizing what you’ve already built. That doesn’t mean that something’s wrong. It just means you are mature enough to redefine what you need and can take care of yourself.

Here’s the real deal about tacos.

They are a communal food. There is nothing like going to a great Mexican restaurant and experiencing the joy of everyone around the table. Tacos mean a celebration with friends. That’s why we all love them.

If we’re unconscious, we grab up the tacos, and forget the real meaning of our joy. Don’t be so obsessed with the food that you miss the fulfillment.


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  1. Beyourownanswer says:

    Great meeting you too, Latoya. Please make sure you enter your email address in the pink box (or where it says Subscribe) to get that free resource I mentioned. Please share it with others at the Foundation!

  2. Latoya says:

    It was great meeting you last night at the Lead Nation fundraiser. Your blog is awesome. Lighthearted and informative. Different.

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