My Answer to War and Violence

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My Answer to War and Violence

The light is in your hands. Share it.

Israel – Palestine. Ferguson. Ukraine – Russia. New York.

The light is in your hands. Share it.

We are the light.
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Family home. Workplace. Your neighborhood.

The violence perpetrated one to another isn’t as far away as we’d like to imagine.

That means it’s not as easy to put ourselves at a safe distance. If you have any connection to social media at all, you’ll see that someone in your network is affected enough by it to share it.

If you see it, it’s yours.

You can always “unfriend” the person who placed it in front of you. Unfollow them, and remove them from your feed. I’ve heard that practice called “not giving it your energy.”

That’s absolutely the wrong thing to do.

It’s here. For goodness sake, it needs your positive, vibrant and transformative energy.

I’m reaching out to us because I see a lot of pain being communicated across my networks. I know the truth, and I choose to respond to it with both compassion and principle. I’m asking that we consider what voice we could have in the midst of the violence. Where do we stand and what unified voice of love and light do we have in the midst of pain, war, violence and death?

If we are practitioners of light, what tools are we equipping people with to address what’s going on right now? Please consider digging up whatever sermons, resources or presentations you’ve done that are relevant and sharing them. Connect to the people that are hurting and send them some light.

I take no offense if you’re not called to take any action.

But I hope you are.

The answer to war is our hope, our vulnerability and our truth. It is your vision and your plans to transform your corner of the world. Share who you are, and how you’ve transcended whatever inner war you had.

The answer to war is us.


2 Responses

  1. Beyourownanswer says:

    Great insight, Rev. Ree. I have a vision wall that serves that purpose for me. I want to gather as many resources here for people to draw on. Do you have a tool you use to remind yourself?

  2. I understand the point of view to “not give it your energy.” And for those who find themselves weakened by their newsfeed, I think that is a smart choice for them. What I suggest to those people is to question where they are giving their energy. Instead of giving energy to war, put your attention on peace. Pray for peace and accept it. Ask peace for the next step to take, then take that action. We keep responding to and reacting to the appearances, but as Truth teachers we must remind people to base their thinking, feeling and actions on Truth.

    Rev. Ree

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