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The Flashlight

A lot of us have discovered a brand new way of being. We feel freer and lighter. Our lives work more smoothly. Things seem to just happen, when before, we had to work hard. And we just won’t shut up about it. “OMG! You’ve got to read this great book by Deepak! And did you…
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Fall Forward: What’s Next for me and you

In 2015, I’ll be blogging a little differently. Still every Tuesday, you’ll get relevant and practical content to help you make a difference with your professional life. Also, you can expect: more topic series (allowing me to delve deeper into a topic and give you more resources) guest blogs and posts from experts in diverse…
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Be still and (not) know

I’ve stumbled into meditation. Ahem. Actually, I was prompted to do meditation about 2 years ago, and found EVERY excuse not to take it on as a consistent practice. But then the other day, I felt a physical discomfort and spiritual discontent that was unfamiliar to me. I went on a nature walk. I listened…
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Getting more out of your time

When you drive, are you paying attention to the road? Or are you rehashing whatever happened to you before you got into the car? It’s drive time, right? What’s the difference? Drive time is still moments in your life. When you’re not present for them, their magic eludes you. You don’t get them back. We’ve…
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The use of guilt

You’d be surprised at how useful guilt is. No, really. When you’re trying to get things done, thinking about the negative consequences can be a powerful motivator. Especially when those consequences will be felt by someone you care about. But what about the consequences you face? What Guilt Is Bitten apple (clipped to Guilt…
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Fake it til you break it

Recently, I’ve taken on a lot of work that has me stretched between two levels of consciousness. There is the part of my life that I know pretty well and feel like I can control…and there’s the part that is completely foreign to me and in some cases, completely unknown. I hate it. Not the…
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(AUDIO) Paper Children: A Creative Collaboration

La Guardia Cross has a non-linear mind. It’s a joy to wander through it. Listen below, and visit his virtual baby shower— he’s going to be a first-time father in November.

It’s Your Turn: New Collectors Society

The next investors in the new economy are here. Do you know who they are? NEW COLLECTORS SOCIETY GATHERS ART LEADERS TO CULTIVATE NEW GENERATION OF PATRONS AT THE MUSEUM OF ART FORT LAUDERDALE On Thursday, October 9, from 6pm to 8pm, Be Your Own Answer partners with the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale and…
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When It’s Not “Okay”

There are times in your life when, no matter your disposition, things are going badly. When no amount of positive thinking or committed action is going to change what’s in front of you. You’re in a great amount of pain, and there is no relief in sight. That pain is the threshold for what Saint…
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