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The other day, I couldn’t remember where I left my keys. I was already late and I spent another 5 minutes upending my house to find that they were next to my fridge…because I had put groceries away the night before. I’ve had many instances of forgetfulness in the past few months, and it was…
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My answer to boredom

At some point in your life, you’ll be want to be anywhere but where you are. Maybe it’s at work. You’re on the floor watching your customers, or looking at a computer screen, hoping that the system op isn’t tracking your clicks as you search for the Youtube your friends told you about. Maybe it’s…
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My Answer to Sadness: Part 2

Depression is when anger at your current situation becomes guilt and powerlessness. Even though I’ve proposed an innovative and effective approach to depression, there’s a very straightforward way to crack open deep levels of sadness. Tell your story so that you win. Think about the story of the man and his injured son (here). This…
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The light is in your hands. Share it.

My Answer to War and Violence

Israel – Palestine. Ferguson. Ukraine – Russia. New York. Family home. Workplace. Your neighborhood. The violence perpetrated one to another isn’t as far away as we’d like to imagine. That means it’s not as easy to put ourselves at a safe distance. If you have any connection to social media at all, you’ll see that…
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My Answer to Sadness: Part 1

The death of Robin Williams is upsetting. He had a comedic genius that was unmatched because he was willing to go all the way there for the joke. He needed your laugh. What happens when the laughter outside can’t overwhelm the horror inside? Depression is a real demon for those of us out in front.…
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Your Vision…

It’s All Good: What That Really Means

You’ve heard it before: “It’s all good.” What does that really mean? What about a personal tragedy? Injustice? Having something in your grasp and then >>POOF!<< it’s gone? How is any of that all good? It’s not. Not while you’re experiencing it. There is no one who can tell me that this story is “all…
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To better get this message out to the world, and make it easier for you to share it, I’m making a few changes on my site. PLEASE… If you hit a bug, or a dead link, or a ghost picture, please let me know. As I said before, I want to make this as easy…
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Why We Need To Appreciate Our Own Aloneness

Interesting perspective on loneliness vs. aloneness: Check out this post on Libertad’s site here:

Dead Weight

One of my colleagues was talking about the need to cut the dead weight (read “people”) out of her life. I’ve had to walk through that too as I mention here, and especially if the relationship was long-standing, you may feel anger, regret and disappointment. But here’s something about dead weight in particular. Dead weight…
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